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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy: Quarantine Edition

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy: Quarantine Edition

As we all know everything is closed and we are on lockdown. Which means dentist offices are off limits.No exams, cleanings, fillings nothing. Good oral hygiene is necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Especially during a time like this. So here are tips and steps on keeping your teeth healthy while quarantine.

No Sugary junk food/ Sugary Drinks

  • I know there is not a lot to do during this time but just sitting in front of the tv Netflix and Chilling while eating junk food isn't good for your physical health or your oral health. Consuming too much sugar can lead to cavities. 
  • Sugar-sweetened beverages are the number one source of added sugars. Sipping on soda, juice, or other sugary drinks can lead to a higher risk of cavities.

Brush Your Teeth

  • Make sure you are brushing your teeth twice daily morning and night. The recommended time is 2 mins. We all have our phones on us 24/7 set a two minute timer to make sure you are brushing for two minutes. Brushing your teeth removes plaque and bacteria but most importantly keeps your teeth clean.
  • You should be switching out your toothbrush every ⅔ months since we are in the month of April you should have a new toothbrush.


  • We all know flossing is important but do you really floss daily? Flossing removes plaque and bacteria that toothbrushes are unable to reach. Flossing also helps with bad breath; it removes food and debris that are trapped between the teeth.
  • If you are like me and have braces you know flossing can be challenging. That's why I recommend getting a water flosser. You will not be disappointed.
  • BESTOPE Water Flosser 

Clean Your Tongue

  • Do you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth? Yes or No? 
  • Do you use a tongue scraper? Yes or No?
  • If your answer is No to both or No to just one today we are going to change that! A lot of bacteria and germs sit on our tongue. Yes brushing your tongue is great and helpful but using a tongue scraper is the extra you need. It removes that white coated appearance,bacteria,bad breath but can also help improve your sense of taste.Overall it's just good for your oral health.
  • Tongue Scraper


  • Mouthwash CANNOT substitute for brushing and flossing. Mouthwash helps with plaque,gingivitis and bad breath. There are different mouthwashes for individual needs.


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